viernes, 20 de marzo de 2009

brutal horror punk

It was around the creepy time of 2001’s Halloween that four musicians from the city of Cologne decided to pay tribute to The Misfits and started a cover band called THE CRIMSON GHOSTS, named after the skull of the new jersey punk icons. Today THE CRIMSON GHOSTS are no longer a cover band but already released their debut album “Leaving the tomb” the critically acclaimed follow up “Carpe Mortem” and their new masterpiece “Dead eyes can see”. THE CRIMSON GHOSTS quickly established themselves as the fastest and heaviest band in Horrorpunk although they are very melodic. Especially strong vocals, diversity, the ability to create mind-ripping, heavy songs as well as spooky, catchy ballads and a sound that is absolutely incomparable and self-contained make THE CRIMSON GHOSTS to one of the top bands in Horrorpunk.

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