viernes, 20 de marzo de 2009


A Great & Terrible Loss :

01. Intro

02. The Strange Mind of Phineas Gage

03. Lifless Are the Eyey'S

04. Red Weding Dress

05. Still Pink Inside

06. Human Heads in Funeral Jars

07. Within the Swamp There Dwells a Dead Thing

08. Invisible Hands

09. Life is a Series of Bitter Disappointments

10. The Creature From the Black Lagoon is Dead

11. 49 Minutes to Live

12. Another Million Years

13. You Can't Decompose Forever

14. Escape From Skull Island

15. Dogs Die All the Time

16. Where'S the Baby Elizabeth

17. The Dead Ones Remember

Blitzkid - Death By Jersey (DVD Rip)

Blitzkid - Death By Jersey

1. Pumpkin Patch Murders

2. These Walls

3. Lupen Tooth

4. She Wolf

5. Starlite Decay

6. Terror In The Haunted House

7. Genus Unknown

8. Demon Machine

9. Dying Day

10. Dying Day

11. Motel Hell

12. Let\'s Go To The Cemetery

13. She Dominates

14. The Torn Prince

15. Love Like Blood

16. Nosferatu

17. Bloodletting

death by jersey show 1:

Death By Jersey Show 2:

plan 9

Plan 9 - 8 Hit From Hell TRACKLIST:

01.- War of the Worlds

02.- Blood

03.- Devil's Advocate

04.- Day of the Dead

05.- Archangel

06.- Manmade Monster

07.- Undead

08.- From Hell + Hybrid Moments (BONUS)


long halloween

(2007)-Dead End Blues (EP):

1.Dead End Blues
2.Zombie Girls

Horror Punk band from Southern California.

(2005)-Crimson Spectre-Uwharria (Split):

1.Vampire Liberation Front
2.The Ballad Of George Jackson
3.The Inherent Contradictions Of Imperialism
4.Letter To My Family
5.Union Made Guillotine
6.Two Stick Stabber
7.Death Is Afraid Of Leningrad
8.They're Moving Father's Grave To Build A Sewer
9.Winter Bear
10.Wild Turkey
11.Devils Gut
12.Bottom Of The Sea
15.Tick Attack
16.Riparian Trilogy
17.Waterfowl At Mattamuskeet

Crimson Spectre

(2004)-Crimson Spectre:

1.Strength Of Ten Men
2.Ode To Jesus Colon
3.Red Standard
4.Bourgeois Decadence Of Depression
5.Ghoul Punks
6.Family Tree Of Regret
7.Masque Of The Red Death
8.Bullet (With Your Name)

9.Bread And Roses Revisited
10.White Trash Manifesto
11.Ghosts Of Long Kesh
12.Untimely Death Of Mister Iskra
13.Crimson Spectre

The Nightshift

(2006)- Part Time Monsters:

1.ten ways green


4.Bonedropped Skill

5.I Am


7. I Do


Artista: The Nightshift

Genero: Horror Punk

Origen: Suécia

Dr. Chud's

(2004)-Diagnosis For Death:

2.Mommy Made Luv 2 An Alien
3.Heavy Metal
5.Blue Skin
8.Bury You Alive

Creepshow 1977

(2008)-Tales Fom The Casket:

1.Hooray For The Atom Age
2.Bring Out Your Dead
3.Fiend Without A Face-Mort D'Amore
4.Graverobbin Motherfucker
5.Dead And Breakfast
6.Party With The Dead
8.Jeckyll And Hyde
9.Sciencie Fiction-Double Feature

(2006)-Night Of The Creep:

1.Dead By Dawn With Long Intro Final
2.Bordello Of Blood
3.Don't Look In The Basement
5.She's Haunting Me
7.War Of The Worlds
8.Krissys Song
9.Night Of The Wolf
10.Digging Up My Date
11.Cabin Fever
12.In The Graveyard
13.Kill Her Tonight
14.Rest In Peace
15.Devils Nite
16.Mr. Machine-8 mm
17.End Credits


(2006)-Faster Creepersin Kill! Kill!:

1.Dead Girls Not Dead
3.My Chucky Doll Came To Life
4.I Loved Her So
6.Off With Her Head
7.Little Bit More
8.I Need More Blood
9.Risosomic Good
10.In My Soul
11.Built A Monster
12.Creepersin Crew Anthem
13.Vamp Girls From Planet Fuck

(2005)-The Rise Of...Creepersin:

1.Meet Me Out In The Sticks
2.Bleed For Me
3.Last House On The Left On Mockingbird Lane
4.Evil Eye
5.Dead By Dawn
8.Proceed With Plan 9
9.Coffin Drop
10.Get Off My Knife
11.Vasaria Visaria
12.The Hills Have Eyes
13.To Dance With The Dead

a mi parecer una banda de las mas representativas del género

_Miembros del grupoCreep Creepersin - Vocals/StringsMrs. Creep - Keys_Influenciasmisfits / christian death / ramones / 45grave / joy division / bauhaus_Suena comomisfits / christian death / afi / 45 grave / my chemical romance / him / aiden / joy division / bauhaus / samhain / ramones / balzac / tragic black / danzig / sisters of mercy_DiscográficaCREEPSVILLE ENTERTAINMENT_DiscográficaIndependiente

the other

(2008)-The Place To Bleed:

2.Become Undead
3.The End Of Our Time
4.Der Tod Steht Dir Gut
6.Freak Liberation Front
7.Creature From The Black Lagoon
8.Black Angel
9.Moonlight Mayhem
10.Return To The House Of Usher
11.The Murder In The House Of Wax
12.The Change In Me
13.Graveyard Rodeo
14.The Dark World Order

(2006)-We Are Who We Eat:

1,Passion For The Kill
2.In The Dead Of Night
3.The Last Man On Earth
4.Lover's Lane
5.Hallow's Eve
6.This Is Not An Exit
7.Menage A Mort
8.We Are The Other Ones
9.Shadows From The Past
10.The Ghosts Of Hollywood
11.Monster Bride
12.Ode To Darkness
13.Horror Night

(2004)-They Are Alive!:

1.Ripley 8
2.Arny Of Machines
3.Beware Of Ghouls
4.The Imp Of The Perverse
5.Return Of The Repressed
8.Dead Boys
11.Hyde Inside
12.Arise Undead
13.666 Ways To Die

138%horror punk!

It was Halloween of 2002 when the famous Misfits Coverband GHOULS ( decided to do the unspeakable. At their sold-out show in the ancient city of Cologne, they played a song that was not written by the Misfits. And the audience loved it, even though it meant certain death for them. Didn’t they know that hearing the sounds of Roderick Usher, Sargeant von Rock, Andy Only and Dr. Caligari seals the listeners fate and lets him die at an unpredictable time in the future?The monster, which was to become known as THE OTHER reared its ugly head for the first time at that crucial and dark period for humanity.But the members of the band were still uncertain. Would they be strong enough to conquer the planet on their own, with their own weapons? The fiends – fans of Horrorpunk music - all over Germany said that they did! And so the downward spiral towards the total extinction of humanity took its course…THE OTHER, a more than fitting name for this alien and strange quartet, plays Horrorpunk, a genre that was more or less invented by the MISFITS. The fast Punk-Rock comes equipped with melodic vocals and hymn-like choruses. But one should never forget the lyrical side. Total Horror, B-Movies, Science-Fiction, Blood and Gore… Horropunk takes its inspiration from the dark side of art. THE OTHER have their special take on the lyrical-style of Horrorpunk, they sing mostly about Gothic Literature and try to interpret the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe and others in their own gruesome way. Once in a while the undead members of the band do watch a movie and write a few words about it. It has to be a scary one, though.The members of THE OTHER are rejects of society and each of them has his own dark history…Roderick Usher: The lunatic voice of The Other. In contrast to popular belief and the story of a drug-addicted author, Roderick Usher did not die completely with the fall of the House of Usher. Since 1839 he exists in state between life and death with his sister Madeline in the swamps near the ruins of the former mansion.Sargeant von Rock: A mean son of a bitch with a heart of stone. Will kill anybody who does not follow orders, hence the name. He dresses in black, shows no emotions and his face is featureless. Except when he plays guitar. On stage he rips through the cords like man possessed. Maybe he is…Andy Only: A descendent of the long family-line of Onlys from Lodi, New Jersey. Andy Only was cast out as an infant due to his abominable appearance. Accidents with fire and acid didn’t help the look of his face. But he does play a mean bass and now takes revenge on all mortals that humiliated him as a child.Dr. Caligari: The dear Doctor heads an asylum for the insane. And sometimes he goes out with them and let’s them do what they please. This can result in violence and murder which the Doctor loves to witness. And sometimes he himself beats on helpless victims and the drums.


(2004)-An Ugly Display Of Self Preservation:

1.This Palpitating Thing
3.Devil In A Bottle
4.13th Floor
6.Black Train Rollin'
7.Swamp Twang Thang
8.She Casts No Shadow
9.Jesus With A Big V8
10.Black Lung
11.Flesh Garage
12.Strange Movies
13.Bubblin' Blood

(2008)-Dead Eyes Can See:

1.Dead Eyes Can See
5.To Hunt You Down
6.Voices From The Inside
8.Forsaken (Requiem)
9.I 812
10.The Reek
11.Devils Night
12.I Am Horror
13.We Stay Dark

(2006)-Carpe Mortem:

1.Carpe Mortem
2.Back For No Good
3.Somewhere In A Casket
4.The House
5.From Beyond
6.The Beast
7.Midnight Mayhem
8.Night Of The Dead Promqueen
9.Patchwork Fuckface
11.End Of Days

(2005)-Leaving The Tomb:

1.Leaving The Tomb
2.Reborn Of Trioxine
3.When They Howl
4.Sons Of The Zodiac
5.Regan (Is Possessed)
6.The King Of Skull Island
7.Death From Above
8.Until You Awake
9.The Dead Rise
10.Pre Mortem Ecstasy
12.Army Of The Cenobites
13.At Night
15.Tale Of A Haunted Wood

(2004)-First Killings:

1.The Dead Rise
2.Sons Of The Zodiac
3.All Hell Breaks Loose
4.Hybrid Moments
6.King Of Skull Island
7.At Night
8.Death From Above

brutal horror punk

It was around the creepy time of 2001’s Halloween that four musicians from the city of Cologne decided to pay tribute to The Misfits and started a cover band called THE CRIMSON GHOSTS, named after the skull of the new jersey punk icons. Today THE CRIMSON GHOSTS are no longer a cover band but already released their debut album “Leaving the tomb” the critically acclaimed follow up “Carpe Mortem” and their new masterpiece “Dead eyes can see”. THE CRIMSON GHOSTS quickly established themselves as the fastest and heaviest band in Horrorpunk although they are very melodic. Especially strong vocals, diversity, the ability to create mind-ripping, heavy songs as well as spooky, catchy ballads and a sound that is absolutely incomparable and self-contained make THE CRIMSON GHOSTS to one of the top bands in Horrorpunk.

The Lurking Corpses

(2008)-Smells Like The Dead:

1.Call On The Dead
2.Party Time At Zombie High
3.Maggots Ate Her Brain
4.Into The Moonlight
5.Night At The Grindhouse
6.This Nightmare Carries On
7.When The Blood Flows
9.Sweet Lycanthropy
10.Evisceration Specialty
11.Camp Crystal Lake (Acoustic)
12.Caroline (Acoustic)

The Lurking Corpses

(2006)-Lust For Blood:

1.Orgy In The Mausoleum
2.Goblin Fire
3.We Are Vampires
4.Dead Girl
5.Into The Crypt
6.Mark Of The Devil
7.Scream And Scream Again
8.Werewolf Queen
9.Nun Vomit
11.She Said Goodbye
12.Graveyard Devourment
13.Waiting To Die
14.He Kills Night After Night
15.The Beckoning
16.Death Train
17.Lust For Blood
18.Witchcult '77
19.Oh Sherry (Creature Of The Night)
20.Something Wicked This Way Comes